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Why Photography Matters When Selling Furniture Online.

The secret to making more sales in the online arena is the use of quality product images. You may argue that you got the right product description. You have optimized your page for the search engine. You have sourced for the best furniture websites theme available in the market. Also, you have provided live chat icon and optimized your page for the social media. However, when you check your website traffic, it is showing a downward trend.

Also, your conversation rates do not match the traffic. On deeper analysis, you notice that visitors are spending less than 4 seconds on your site. All this is happening regardless of ensuring your page loading speed is optimum. Now you are wondering what might be the problem. Have you checked on your photography or you just ignored it? Here are the reasons why photography matters when selling furniture online:

1. Images are initial points of customer attraction

Naturally, when people are going to a website or any printed material, the first thing they look for are the images.  Certainly, images have some influence on your day to day decisions. Your target customers are not an exception. Taking into account that they do not have an opportunity to interact with your furniture one on one, you need to attract them by posting high-quality images of your offers on your site. This way, it will be easier to convince them. Upon checking the images, they will probably proceed to read the content and finally make a purchase.

2. Images enhance your traffic by more than 90%

According to statistics, people will have more interest in the results with images when searching for a product or an item on the search engines. For this reason, your site can be on the first five positions in the Google ranking but fail to receive adequate traffic due to lack of an image. So, when selling furniture online, you should invest in having quality images if you have a dream of high traffic and more sales.

3. Images are a primary influence for buying decision

Imagine reading an online article without an image. Yet the article is about a product you want to buy. Instead of presenting its image, the author gives you an additional task of creating an imaginary picture of the item. Would you consider buying from such a site? Ignoring photography in your online furniture store replicates the same. Hence, if you want to make sales, you must ensure you have the right images on your site.


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