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5 Of the Most Lucrative Online Clothes Business Opportunities In 2018

The clothing industry is big today. According to World Trade Organization, the world clothing industry is valued at a staggering $3 trillion and attributes to 2 percent of the entire world GDP. This means that the clothing industry is profitable now than ever and you can make good money through it. But the clothing industry isn’t only about selling clothes online. There are many other lucrative online clothes business opportunities out there that you can leverage to make money. Here is a rundown of a few:

Lucrative Online clothes business opportunities # 1: Design school

Do you know that you can make money teaching people how to design clothes? Yes, you can. And because few people pursue fashion design as a profession, there are few fashion design schools these days. You can take advantage of the gap and start a profitable fashion design school. The good thing about fashion design school is that return on investment fast. That’s because the tuition fees for such schools are expensive. However, there is a catch: You’ll need a big budget to start a fashion design school.

Lucrative Online clothes business opportunities # 2: Fabric shop

Fashion designers and garment manufactures need fabric to create those elegant clothes. You can create a fabric supply business to cater for these fashion designers and garment manufacturers.  This idea can bring high returns when the business picks up.

Lucrative Online clothes business opportunities # 3: Become a fashion stylist

There is a huge demand for fashion stylists due to the explosion of overnight celebrities. Fashion stylists, essentially, dress up celebrities, royals and other recognized public figures for photo shoots and events. If you become a well-known fashion stylist, money will start coming your way pretty fast.

Lucrative Online clothes business opportunities # 4: Fabric sourcing company

Sourcing for raw materials is a daunting task, and so, most clothing line companies outsource this function. You could take advantage of this opportunity by creating a fabric sourcing company. This opportunity has the greatest possibilities of bringing higher returns.

Lucrative Online clothes business opportunities # 5: T-shirt design and printing

Many people are making a killing these days designing and printing T-shirts. This is because most people today don’t want just to buy T-shirts. They want T-shirts customized to their liking. And they will fork out any amount to get those.


Well, there are many lucrative online clothes business opportunities that you can start today and make a decent income. The ones highlighted above offer the greatest possibilities for success.


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